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Grab a festival nail pack

It’s festival season already, despite the fact the summer is not quite here yet. However, we love getting ready for the summer and dressing in all the latest trends; it makes us feel as though summer is really here, even if it isn’t! We explored the latest fashion trends for this festival season last week. There are so many new trends this year and we discussed them here. However, the clothes are not the only things that can make an outfit; remember just how important nails can be to set off a look. Here at ThumbsUp Nails, we have a couple of really cool new styles that would be perfect for the festival season.

Ikat Nail Wraps

The Aztec look is really huge for the summer season and it’s the one type of event where it’s automatically cool to look all tribal. The Aztec dress is a really popular look right now, but not everyone can pull it off:

These girls are all rocking some cool Aztec looks, which we love. However, not all of them have amazing nails to match! Our Ikat nail wraps merge great shades of blue, pink and gold, to produce a great Aztec design and would look absolutely amazing teamed up with one of these dresses!

Of course, if you are the type can’t handle too much pattern, but really love having cool nails, you can easily team this nail design with a plainer outfit. For example, we love this fringe suede bag, perfect for going to festivals with. The plain design is a great contrast to the nails.

Spirit Nail Wraps

This festival season involves a wide variety of different events; perhaps you will be rocking it out in Reading and Leeds, or perhaps in a trance in SW4. If you are lucky enough to live nearby these venues, you could simply be commuting to these festivals, but part of the experience is to camp on site and party on into the night. Our spirit nail wraps are perfect for the night-time events, due to their darker design.

Whilst these also have an Aztec feel to them, their design is mainly based on feathers. We love the use of feathers for the festival season – it is a really popular feature of the Boho look. Many opt to put feathers in their hair or make a headband out of feathers just for festivals.

These nail wraps will go perfect with this sort of look.

The bright colours mean that you can team these nails up with any fun festival outfit, but the dark parts also mean that you can wear a little black dress for the evening and the nails will stand out as a contrasting look.

Whatever look you go for this festival season, ThumbsUp Nails will be sure to have a look that will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd!


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