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Want to maximise your wraps? Learn this trick!

We have been seeing a lot of awesome ThumbsUp Nails wrap hacks lately. Like the this one by @seizethenail using Nacre 'Pearl Shine' Effect Nail Wraps. Read the full blogpost here.

@seizethenail x Nacre Pearl Shine Effect nail wraps by ThumbsUp Nails

'Hack the nail wraps' basically is a way of personalising your nail wraps by cutting them up creatively. The benefits of doing this is you can have a unique nail wraps look each time! If you have slightly shorter nails, you can actually cut one nail wrap into two half and use them on two fingers.

@seizethenails also created this amazing half & half using Razzle Dazzle nail wraps. Read the full blogpost here.

To help you get started, here are some good ways to hack your ThumbsUp Nails wraps:

This is a ThumbsUp Nails wrap hack tutorial by @followthatway's:

Inspired? Remember to hack your ThumbsUp Nails wraps and share them on IG and Twitter with #hackmythumbsupnailwraps. Can't wait to see all of your creations! 

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