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How to make drinks to match your nails!

Our Sunset Nail Wraps are proving very popular this summer. Their vibrant colours and ombre design bring happiness to the nails of those who wear them! We also love how they match the colours of many popular summer cocktails. So, this article celebrates our the arrival of summer and explores how to make a Sex on the Beach and a Tequila Sunrise cocktail, to match our Sunset Nail Wraps.

How to make a Sex on the Beach


35 ml Vodka

15 ml Peach Schnapps

40 ml Orange Juice

20 ml Cranberry Juice

(9 ml Chambord or Crème de Cassis) – optional

These measures can vary, depending on taste. Many use the same amount of vodka and peach schnapps, but it is usually expected that there is around half the amount of peach schnapps as vodka.

Again, there are different methods to make the cocktail, with optional ingredients such as the Chambord or pineapple that can also be added.

In order to get the colouring that we desire, place all the ingredients in a shaker, apart from the orange juice, and fill it with ice. Shake it thoroughly and then pour this mixture into a highball glass filled with ice and orange juice. The red-coloured mix will seep through the orange juice and make a great look that will match your nails!

How to make a Tequila Sunrise


60 ml Tequila

175 ml Orange Juice

1 dash of Grenadine


Get a highball glass with lots of ice and fill up about 2/3 of the glass with orange juice. Add the tequila to this mix and then pour the grenadine around the edges of the glass in a circular motion and watch it drip down and mix with the other ingredients. Garnish with a slice of orange or cherry to finish.

How to make a Hurricane cocktail

Popularised by the Hard Rock Café, as their signature cocktail is the Hurricane, allowing their customers to go home with a souvenir glass, after finishing their cocktail.


50 ml Light Rum

50 ml Dark Rum

50 ml Passion Fruit Juice

25 ml Orange Juice

1 dash of Grenadine

Orange slice and a cherry to garnish

The preparation for this one is rather easy! Simply pour all your ingredients into a shaker with ice, shake well and pour over a strainer into a hurricane glass, over ice! Then garnish with a slice of orange and a cherry to finish.

Ideally, you would want to make the passion fruit juice from scratch, but not everyone has the time to do this, so ready-made juice will also work!

So, if you are rocking the Sunset Nails this summer, you have plenty of choices to team up your nails with a drink that matches!

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What to wear for a picnic or BBQ this summer

It’s the weekend and the sun is shining, so what does that mean…? BBQ time! Who doesn’t love a summer BBQ? To residents of Spain or Greece, or any other hot country, BBQs are a frequent occurrence. However, us Brits are very excited when we finally get a weekend with great weather, because it means we can get that grill out and enjoy chargrilled burgers and sausages with our friends and family!

Not everyone loves their grilled meats, though. Although barbecues can definitely cater for vegetarians, with grilled corn or delicious vegetarian kebabs, they still are not for some people. Many prefer to grab a blanket when the sun starts to shine, and put together an intimate picnic instead. This is also a more romantic option for couples wishing to enjoy food in the sun.

However, not every event will be a social one and a company barbecue is a popular summer event. Whilst these events can be fun, they are a little tricky in the fact that you will be conducting yourself in front of your boss! This article takes a look at some great outfit choices we have put together for different occasions.

The Social Barbecue

This is the ideal casual event of the summer; friends and family get together, enjoy a few bevvies and delicious barbecued items. It’s a time for gossiping and enjoying the sunshine, plus catching up on the latest news amongst your friends. Therefore, we recommend dressing to show off your summer wardrobe.

Most of the year, it is too cold to dress in cute skimpy outfits, so take advantage of it now! We love cute denim hot pants and a shirt, if you like showing off your legs. Alternatively, you could wear some cropped trousers, but then have a top that shows off your mid-riff. These outfits can show off your figure and look sexy, but still look classy.

Look how cute this outfit is that Glamour Magazine put together. You can swap out the Converse for some wedges, if you want to dress the outfit up a bit.

The Company Barbecue

Office parties are a little tricky to dress for; it is a social event after all, but you are still in front of all your colleagues and your boss! You need to be very careful when picking out your outfit, especially if the event is being hosted at your boss’ place! The last thing you want is for their children to see your wardrobe malfunction!

It’s expected that you should be wearing a cute summer dress when attending these functions and Polyvore have put together an entire line of outfits, along with accessory choices for this occasion!

However, what if there is an impromptu garden game activity that is requested and you are in a dress and heels? We actually like an outfit selection put together by Fabulous After 40! We think it would look good at any age! This is also another reason it is probably smart to bring an emergency change of clothes!

The Picnic

Well, since a picnic is usually a more intimate event and quite often is just between a couple, you have free reign to wear whatever you want. You want to look sexy, but still be practical since you will be walking on grass. You need to feel comfortable sitting on a blanket for a prolonged period of time, but also be in an outfit which is appropriate for the weather.

We love Elle’s selection for a picnic outfit! The model may be wearing heels, but she has a pair of flat sandals ready just in case!

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