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Are you ready for festival season?

The summer is finally here and that means festival season is upon us! In a way, the festival season has already started, with arguably the biggest festival in the world taking place a couple of months ago. That’s right, we’re talking about Coachella, but of course, seeing it was in California and they have an abundance of sun all year round, they don’t need to wait for the summer to host their amazing event. However, here in the UK, we still know how to throw a great festival and we still host some of the most famous ones in the world.

Whether you’re into more alternative music and Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds are more your style, or if dance music is your thing and you will be raving at South West Four, we know that you will be having a great time in the sun this summer in the UK.

Whilst the festivals are mainly about the music and having fun in the sun, there is a huge element of fashion at these events, with Coachella being the most fashionable of them all. In all the biggest magazines and newspapers, there were endless stories about the outfits that were standing out from the crowd. This year is different too; some of the old clichés are out, and fashion icons such as Kate Moss and Alexa Chung have been leading the way with their new styles.

Boho is still cool

There are some things that don’t change with fashion trends and Boho is still the most popular style choice at festivals this season. So, grab yourself a flowy dress, something with a fringe on it and put some flowers in your hair and you will be sure to fit in!

Floral Prints

Florals are not just big for festivals, but they’re massive this summer season. Naturally, many are opting for floral dresses and blouses, but why not go for something more creative? We love this cool look for festivals! Which reminds us… bright coloured cool sunglasses are fab for festival season! Many are ditching their expensive Chanels and Pradas and opting for the fun, plastic sunnies. After all, all that jumping up and down at festival could easily lead to smashed pairs!

Black and White

This is where the trend has changed; it is not all about the neon colours and crazy brightness anymore. People are opting for more mellow outfits and even rocking black and white, monochrome numbers.

Sensible clothes!

Again, we’re really pleased to see that people are more accepting to comfy, weather-appropriate outfits now! (Thank you A-listers who made this cool!) Now it is no longer compulsory to wear hot pants, but you can actually prepare for the unpredictable British weather. Since bomber jackets are really in right now, we are loving these as an addition to your festival outfits this summer. Of course, for events like Glastonbury, wellies are probably a good choice! That being said, they do team up great with hot pants!

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10 Summer Nail Art Inspirations

Summer is here…finally! So, what does that mean for our wardrobe? It means white jeans are now allowed and bright colours will be breaking out. So, we need our nails to match! During the winter, black is a really prevalent colour for so many designs, but we are going to embrace bright colours for nail art looks this summer!

Look 1: Camouflage your nails

Designed by Madeline Poole, ambassador for Sally Hansen, these nails will help you rock that army look! Whilst they are supposed to be a camouflage style, you will be sure to stand out with this design!

Look 2: Summer Fruits

This design by Cute Polish is called Citrus Squeeze and represents various citric fruits in the design. You can pick one fruit if you like, or be more adventurous and go for 5 different ones like this. This is a rather simple design, but Cute Polish even have a YouTube tutorial for you to follow!

Look 3: Beach Ball Nails

There’s nothing like a beach ball to represent the summer! This cute design by Divine Caroline is very playful, but will definitely get you in the mood for summer!

Look 4: Ocean Nails

This Ocean nail art look has to be one of my all time favourites. The level of details and artistic skill are just unbeilable. You can learn how blogenbeaute created this look by watching her tutorial here:

Look 5: Monkeying Around

We are going bananas for this nail design by Burkatron – it looks like the art work is rather delicate, but actually the black outlines are done last and is rather simple. Check out their tutorial!

Look 6: Watermelons

Watermelons are huge this summer and there are some really cool designs based around watermelons this summer. However, this is our favourite one by Nailasaurus!

Look 7: Mapped Out

For the adventurous, this could be an amazing challenge! After all, Summer is the time for road trips, so why not etch a map of where you are going on your nails! However, there is a very easy cheat for how to do this! Check out Sarah Scoop’s article on this!

Look 8: Geometric Nail Art

Geometry are really in this summer, with chevrons making a cool nail art design. French site Pshiiit have done some cool designs with triangles for the summer, which includes this one and a more pastel one if you prefer that.

Look 9: Pink and gold = rose gold… almost


Rose gold is all the trend right now with Apple launching a ton of products in rose gold. So, we like this pink and gold combination, because it almost makes rose gold, but looks much cooler! Design by Aanchy’s Nails

Look 10: Leopard Print Fun

Leopard print is welcome all year round, but there is something about this design which is light and summery and makes you feel like you should go to the zoo! Design by Phenomenail.

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