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A Little Rainbow on your Nails

Ombre nails are back, and they are looking more awesome than ever! They were extremely popular a few years ago, but many people abandoned the idea of this design because it was simply too difficult to create. So, unless you just happen to be a professional nail technician, you are going to have to fork out a pretty penny every couple of weeks to get this design done professionally. However, this summer, ombre nails are back… bigger and better than ever too! So, here at ThumbsUp Nails, we have come up with a great way for you to keep up with the trend, without breaking the bank.

ThumbsUp Nails' New Ombre Collection

We've just launched our new ombre collection, just in time for the summer, and it's our best collection yet! Why mess about with trying to mix all your polishes together and make a mess? Our ombre nail wraps will produce perfect nails without any fuss!

So, what's in our new collection? We have three amazing ombre designs that you will love!


The combination of orange, red and purple, will make your nails look like the summer nights' sky! You know how beautiful it is to watch a sunset on the beach on holiday in the summer? Well, that's what your nails will look like with our sunset ombre nails design!

Why not accessorise with a Tequila Sunrise on a night out too? Who says your nails can't match your drinks? 


Do you prefer a more pastel colour tone? Perhaps you wear lighter shades in your outfits, and a brighter ombre design will stand out too much? Then, Mallow would be perfect for you! Essentially, it's just a combination of pink and blue, but the gradation and the shine make it look like you are wearing a pack of marshmallows on your nails!


There's nothing like being next to a gorgeous ocean, watching the ebb and flow of the waves during the summer. This collection feels like the sea is on your nails! Team this up with any blue or green outfit and you will dazzle everyone around you!

Why the ThumbsUp Ombre Nail Collection?

Have you ever tried doing your own ombre nail design? If so, you probably never want to try it again! It is completely messy, it often turns out wrong and unless you have a good eye for this stuff, you can often get the colour combination wrong.

We already mentioned that getting the job done professional could be really costly, so this is why the ThumbsUp Ombre Nail Wraps are a perfect solution! They are an instant manicure, meaning there is no mess, and you can give yourself a perfect manicure in just a few minutes! Plus, our new ombre nail wraps are only £6.99, meaning you will save yourself a lot of money, compared to the cost of getting it done in a nail salon.

Get some colour into your life and prepare for summer with our ombre nail collection! 


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