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Have you nailed your Autumn Winter nails? Olivia Cox shares her insight!

Nails are canvas to ThumbsUp Nails the same way couture is to fashion designers. London Fashion Week just drew its curtains this week, which marks the start of AW15. So how can we nail the perfect AW nails with ThumbsUp Nails? Here is the fabulous Olivia Cox's take on the new season nails with ThumbsUp Nails.

"the designs are so epically amazing and edgy...And can juuust about get away with pretending you’ve become a secret nail art whizz overnight" says Olivia.

The Lisboa Nail Wraps also shares the same inspiration as Dolce & Gabbana’s new capsule collection. Read BBH's full coverage on the this here.

What can I say? Great minds think alike (just kidding :D), but I think we can all find the love in us for that gorgeous Portuguese tiles! 


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